Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday's what-to-do


My next full post will be a review of the Brown/Trinity Consortium's Figaro, which I'm seeing tomorrow evening, so check back Friday afternoon. In the meantime:

Here's Channing Grey's vaporous recollection of the show. And here's a summary: "The show was fun and I had fun." There's nothing wrong with having fun with art, but there is something fundamentally dishonorable about such intellectual flaccidity. Critics honor the works they review with their rigor; they excite possible audiences by sounding a show's (or album's, or movie's, or book's) depths and suggesting ways to explore them. I would hate to see the world of art the way Channing Gray does: all hard surface, frozen and impenetrable.

Tonight at AS220: pop.

Chris Monti at White Electric tomorrow evening, 7:thirty. I've been stopping by much less frequently since Seven Stars opened up, but shows like this remind me that WE is involved with its neighborhood in a way that few other places are and it deserves its reputation and our support. Visit Monti's MySpace page: the music is dusty and transportive.

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