Friday, March 7, 2008


Take a look at my review of Persepolis at; and while you're there, explore the rest of the site. There's some great stuff up right now.

Also, I'm embarrassed as hell. Chris Monti is on tonight at White Electric. You see, my wristwatch skipped right over February 29th so it's been a day ahead all week. Things like this happen, right? Well, they do when we lose or gain an hour in the fall and spring; losing a whole day and not adjusting until an entire week has passed is just ridiculous. Sorry to all.

Tonight at AS220: Callers. They really are terrific and their newish stuff on myspace sounds great.

Makaela Pollock's Figaro? Totally awesome. The review has been tough to write so it's not done yet but do yourself a favor, accept this crappy truncated review ("The show was fun and I had fun.") and go, Go, GO!

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Huss said...

Loved the review, John. Even though I grew up in a different Iran, I lived through the same episodes as Marjane: the war, the vigilante, the indoctrination camps, and the omnipresent agony that was (and, alas, still is) the Islamic Republic. Some American progressives like to think of themselves as embattled exiles in their own country; well, that sense of estrangement from a homeland is somehow more real and daunting when one is quite literally coerced into a relationship with it. Exile chooses you, not the other way around. Capturing that reality in unadulterated for, to me, is Satrapi's magical achievement.