Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brother from Another Mother

Villa Borghese is a Montreal-based '80s-influenced indie-pop band.
Give 'em a chance; their number one friend on MySpace is Henry Miller. (Yes, that Henry Miller. I didn't know he was on MySpace, either.) Plus, they write the kind of spry, hooky pop that makes you think on the second listen that you've known their stuff for years. It's a little Ben Gibbard-meets-Joe Jackson-meets-Cheap Trick, but there have surely been more horrible unions.

Molly and I are heading up to Montreal this spring so perhaps we'll see them while we're there.

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Jack said...

The coincidence is remarkable. You have to love a band whose album cover features partially severed fingers, whose myspace comments are mostly in French, and are influenced by "Talk Talk".