Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hipster Heaven

I can't help posting about this: making pizza (sauce recipe based on suggestions from Claire's Corner Copia Cookbook by Claire Criscuolo, crust recipe from Al Forno: Oven-Baked Dishes from Italy by Maxine Clark) while listening to The New Pornographers' classic debut Mass Romantic. Sick. Abolutely sick.

Saw Trinity Rep's Some Things Are Private last night. There are real successes--Anne Scurria is close to perfect as photographer Sally Mann, and Stephen Thorne is, as always, totally engaged and engaging--and there are problems, particularly with the histrionic contrivances of the so-called verbatim piece. I'll have a review posted tomorrow sometime.

In the meantime, "Visualize success but don't believe your eyes." You know.

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